State Pageant Schedule 
Age Groups 
4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-16, 17-25

All State Pageants are completed to qualify for the 2019 National Pageant.

Appointed Titles are available.


Pricing for State Pageant-
State Entry- $125 (includes Evening Gown and Onstage Question in Evening Gown)

Optional Photogenic $25

Queen in Action $50

Overall Most Beautiful $25

Best Awards $25 (Hair, Dress, Onstage Question, Smile)

State Scoring 
Evening Gown and Onstage Question are required competitions. 

Evening Gown - 1-60
On Stage Question - 1-40

Optional Queen in Action Title- 1-50

Optional Photogenic - 1-10

Optional Over All Most Beautiful - Highest Evening Gown score

Overall Title- 
Highest score combination of 
Evening Gown, On Stage Question, and Photogenic.