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ANM National Information

ANM Nationals 
June 5-8, 2024!


ANM National Director

Melissa Brown



ANM National Pageant

June 5-8, 2023

Wadsworth Auditorium

25 Jefferson St. Newnan, GA 30263

Room rate $129 per night

America's National Miss offers numerous opportunities for girls and young women to broaden their personal experiences which will increase their level of confidence and self-esteem. Friendships, close family ties, encouragement from peers and personal growth are qualities desired in our youth today. We offer support in achieving goals you and your daughter have set. Modeling, public speaking, talent and scholastic achievement are only a few of the areas we can assist in. Preparation for other scholarship programs is also encouraged.


Various opportunities are presented during the year for our participants to demonstrate their talents throughout the country. By giving each young lady an opportunity to expand her own level of creativity, she then grows in her self-confidence and self-esteem. A true appreciation of each girl's determination and ability to stand before an audience is not only recognized by our staff, but by the community as well.


Take this opportunity to join our family and make memories that will last a lifetime. We offer friendships, community involvement, and a sincere interest in helping you and/or your daughter give her personal best while striving to achieve her goals in school and life. 


All contestants, can wear appropriate/stage make-up, still allowing their natural beauty to shine.


Clothing is also age appropriate. You do not need custom or designer dresses to compete in our system. Sunday, party, or flower girl dresses are fine for the younger ones. Preteens and older up can wear ball gowns, prom, or pageant dresses.


Our Promise to You!

We put the girls and their families first! America's National Miss is MORE than just a pageant!







America’s National Miss Prize Package for National Title Winners!



ANM Custom Crown

ANM Double Row Rhinestone Banner


CASH Scholarship!

ANM Luggage

ANM Crown Case

Official ANM Autograph Cards for Nationals 2025

Royalty trips


Modeling opportunities

Modeling Coaching

Interview Coaching

Public Speaking Coaching

Platform/Social Media Development

ANM Custom ANM Sash Magnet

ANM Custom Title Holder Bag Tag

ANM Custom Title Holder Makeup Bags

ANM Custom Title Holder Jean Jacket

Retail/Designer Wardrobe Allowances

Custom Earrings

Teeth Whitening Kits

Multiple Sponsored Discounts throughout the year!


Gifts throughout the year

More to come!!


Judge’s decisions are final. Please do not approach judges during any portion of the pageant!


National Scoring

  • Evening Gown - 40%

  • Interview - 30%

  • *Fun Fashion 30%

*If any optional score is higher than the fun fashion score the highest optional score will replace the fun fashion score.


Formal Wear 

All National and State contestants will compete in an evening gown of their choice. All gowns should be age appropriate. (National level Competition)


National Interview 

Each National contestant will

compete in a 2-3 minute private

panel style interview. Question

will ONLY come from the 

contestant’s bio form filled out or

information the contestant gives

during their interview.




National Fun Fashion 

Each contestant will compete in fun fashion. This category is for the contestant to show her own style. It can be high fashion or more casual. This is completely the contestants’ choice. Show your style and personality! 


National Optional Events



Optional Event



2:00 time limit (Must bring own props and instruments)


Color or black and White 8x10 photos. Turn in at registration.

Casual Wear 

Choose an outfit you would wear to school or out with a friend.


A collection of 6-12 photos that showcase your ability to be photographed! Turn in at registration.


60 seconds

Fitness Wear

Swimwear or anything you wear to show you are an active, healthy girl! (Cheerleader, Softball, Gymnastics are just a few examples) 



Highest Score of 4 combined Optionals. Wins modeling opportunity in the Victoria Henley Fashion Show at the location of choice (NYFW, LAFW, New Orleans, Nashville, Miami FW, Atlanta, and more) walk for international designers, with opportunities for modeling contracts, magazine editorial spreads, photoshoots, and so much more!!!


National Best Awards

(These can be entered at registration)


*One winner from each division

  • Best Hair

  • Best Model  

  • Best Interview Dress

  • Best Personality 

  • **Overall Best

 **Overall Best Award winner will be awarded to one contestant from all divisions with the highest score from all best awards combined. The Overall Best Award winner will receive a cash prize awarded at Saturday night awards ceremony!


​ANM National Sweetheart

(This can be entered at registration)

**Open to ANYONE who meets divisional age requirements**

Areas of Competition

  • Evening Gown - 40%

  • Interview - 30%

  • Fun Fashion 30%

**Eligible to enter best awards and optional events including Queen in Action. 

**ANM Sweetheart contestants who missed the national deadline (April 1, 2024) will not be eligible for the Official National age group titles.

**Sweetheart winners will not have a non-compete clause.

ANM Sweetheart Prize Package

  • Crown

  • Sash

  • Full paid entry to ANM 2025

(This includes ALL optional events, tickets, and program book for 2025)






National Queen in Action (QIA)

(This can be entered at registration)


*Only one contestant among all divisions will win The Queen in Action title!


 Areas of Competition

  • Interview- 40%

  • Volunteer Portfolio- 50%

  • Evening Gown - 10%


**Bring a portfolio of all hours of community service within the last 24 months. Have pictures and a description of each event with contact person. QIA Contestants will have an extended interview to discuss their community service more in depth. The interview will be based off of your QIA portfolio.


Queen in Action Prize Package

 **This is a National Title and will redeem the same prize package as divisional National Queens




Nationals Schedule


*This is a tentative schedule which could possibly change but this will give you an idea of how the pageant will run.


Tentative National Schedule

Wednesday June 5, 2024




Orientation and Workshop

Thursday June 6, 2024


Interview (17-25, 13-16, 10-12, 7-9, 4-6)


Open stage time at theater


Talent rehearsal

12:30 pm

Optionals (Spokesperson, Fitness Wear, Casual Wear, Talent)


Fun Fashion


Barbie Awards Party

Friday June 7, 2024


Rehearsal (closed to parents)


Evening Gown (All age groups)


ANM 2024 Finals

Saturday June 8 , 2024

Time/Location will be discussed after crowning

Queens Photoshoot/Contract Signing (Interview, Evening Gown, Fun Fashion, Jeans/White T-Shirt)





  • Make sure to complete the registration checklist prior to coming to registration

  • Put all payments for each event/item in a separate envelope and label it with the contestants name, title and event/item



  • ALL Contestants will need to wear their “Reigning in Action” T-Shirt provided at Registration and white shorts.

  • At Orientation the National Director will discuss the flow of the week and answer any questions that contestants and parents may have.

  • The National workshop will be facilitated by our National Sponsor Executive Reign. Get ready to have fun learning how to utilize your platform before, during and after your national pageant! This will be informal and a time to enjoy meeting the other contestants and national queens.



  • During Thursdays open stage all contestants will need to wear their ANM T-Shirt received at registration. This is optional, however, please note that the national photographer will be taking photos at this time.

  • Fridays rehearsal all contestants will need to wear their PJs.

  • Fridays rehearsal is mandatory for all contestants

  • Rehearsal is closed to all parents on Friday





Talent Rehearsal

  • Make sure to have your talent music on a USB drive to turn in at registration. Have a backup on another USB, phone, Laptop etc.

  • You will have a chance to run through your talent once during rehearsals to ensure your music, lighting, sound etc. is working properly.

  • This is a closed rehearsal


Barbie Awards Party

  • Wear your favorite Barbie themed outfit and get ready to party!

  • All the Best Awards will be given out

  • Supermodel Award will be given out

  • Sponsorship Award will be given out

  • National Queen Awards will be given out

  • Miss Congeniality will be given out

  • There will be a contestant fashion show to show off your Barbie Wear!


Opening Number

  • The Opening Number dance will be on Friday before finals

  • ALL contestants will wear decorated jeans, a white shirt of their choosing, and nude or silver shoes (heels or flats)

  • A video of the opening number will be provided on the FB Contestant page.

  • All contestants will need to come to Nationals knowing the choreography from the video as it will not be taught during rehearsals.




  • Contestants will come on stage 4 at a time, with one being at the front of the stage and three in the back. This will move quickly as it is just a final look score. (This will not include the queen in action. Queen In Action will just have top contestants called during crowning.)

  • All contestants (even if not in top 10) in each division will come back on stage for crowning and optional awards in Evening Gown.



Titles and Awards

(Top 10 will be announced)


America’s National Little Miss 4-6

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th alternates

America’s National Young Miss 7-9

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th alternates

America’s National Jr. Teen Miss 10-12

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th alternates

America’s National Teen Miss 13-16

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th alternates

America’s National Miss 17-25

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th alternates

Queen in Action

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th alternates

*All contestants not placing in top 5 will receive an ANM Princess award


Interview Winner

Highest interview score per division

Fun Fashion Winner

Highest Fun Fashion score per division

Miss Congeniality

The contestant in each age division that receives the most votes from the other contestants in their division. *Miss group will be voted on by all contestants. (Announced at awards party)

Optional Awards

Highest optional score in Talent, Casual Wear, Photogenic, Photo Portfolio, Spokesperson, Fitness Wear (Each division will have one optional winner per category)

Best Awards

One winner per age division per category (Announced at awards party)


One winner over all division with the highest score out of 4 optionals (Announced at awards party)



Pricing for ANM National Pageant

National Registration


April 1st

Evening Gown, Interview, Fun Fashion, T-Shirts, Awards Party (all contestants are required to pay this amount unless they won their national registration fee paid at state pageant, contest, or photo pageant.)


Mandatory Scholarship Fee


Registration June 5th


Mandatory Program Book Fee


April 1, 2024


Barbie Awards Party $25 each (All Contestants) April 1, 2024

Additional tickets can be purchased for this event at $25 each.

Queen In Action


Registration June 5th




Registration June 5th

Optional (only one talent per contestant)

Casual Wear


Registration June 5th

Optional (only one talent per contestant)



Registration June 5th

Optional (up to 5 entries, $100 each picture)

Photo Portfolio


Registration June 5th

Optional (up to 2 portfolio per contestant $100 each)



Registration June 5th

Optional (only one talent per contestant)



Registration June 5th

Optional (only one talent per contestant)

Supermodel Award


Registration June 5th

The one contestant with the highest combined score out of 4 entered optionals. WINS Free entry into the Victoria Henley Fashion Show

Best Awards

$150 for all 4

Registration June 5th

Best Hair, Best Model, Most Beautiful, Best Personality  

Overall Best Award


Registration June 5th

Cash Scholarship

Ad page


April 1st

(ALL CONTESTANTS)  Please send your Hi-Resolution headshot, name and title along with any information you want listed on your ad to

Ad Design Fee


April 1st

ALL CONTESTANTS Send to Melissa Brown through paypal as friends and family at

New/Outgoing Queen Gifts (2)


Registration June 5th

(ALL CONTESTANTS) Bring 2 gifts one for the new queen in your division and one for the outgoing queen in your division

New/Outgoing Queen in Action Gifts (2)


Registration June 5th

(ONLY FOR CONTESTANTS ENTERING QUEEN IN ACTION OPTIONAL TITLE) Bring 2 gifts one for the new Queen in Action and one for the outgoing Queen in Action your division

Judges Comments


Registration June 5th

Optional – If you want judges’ comments


2024 National Queens Photo Shoot and Contract Signing


*ALL contestants should be prepared to stay for the National Queens Photo shoot and Contract Signing on Saturday June 8, 2024 should they win their division


Attire for Queens Photoshoot and Contract Signing

  • Evening Gown

  • Fun Fashion

  • Interview

  • Jeans and White Tank top (all contestants bring a Tank Top for photo shoot if you are selected as a 2024 ANM Queen)



Host Hotel Information

Hampton Inn by Hilton – Newnan

50 Hampton Way Newnan, GA 30265


Room Rate: $129/night


Other Hotels

Home2Suites by Hilton

4051 McIntosh Parkway Newnan, GA 30263



Townplace Suites by Marriott

4001 McIntosh Parkway Newnan, GA 30265




Tickets/Entry to Pageant


**Everyone except contestant must have an armband to enter ANM pageant on Thursday and Friday.


Armbands per guest/Program Books


full pageant


per day


Finals only


Barbie Awards Party


Per book



**Photo/video packages are available for purchase from our national photographer and videographer. Any contestant or associate of a contestant recording or taking photos in the auditorium will be asked to leave the pageant and the contestant will be penalized.


****There is a $575 fee that is charged for not attending Nationals once you have entered on the state and regional level. (Appointed or won, Photo contest win is a state title win.) All contestants signed this agreement when they registered on our website. Crowns and sash must be returned to the national office within ten days and payment made to avoid additional charges. Contestants that attended a live state pageant also signed a paper copy.


Please let me know if you have any questions!!

See you soon!!

Melissa Brown

ANM National Director


Frequently Asked Questions


Do we bring gifts for all contestants?

  • A gift exchange will be done at the Thursday Party. If you want to bring gifts for each girl in your group that is fine. This is not mandatory. (It’s a great way for the girls to get to know each other) This can be as simple as a good luck card!

Do you give out numbers?

  • Numbers will not be announced until after the program is complete.

What are the cash amounts given to Queens?

  • Cash scholarship fund will be divided between the six national Queens. (2024 Queens will get the full amount after crowning 2025 and fulfillment of their contract.)

Do you give out scores?

  • We do not give out scores at ANM, Comments will be sent out within two weeks following the pageant. There is a $15 charge for comments.

Can contestants have hair extensions and spay tans?

  • YES

Does the evening gown need to be full length?

  • YES

How many optionals can we enter?

  • You can enter all six optionals. The more you enter the more chances you have at replacing the Fun Fashion score if it is low.

Do I have to stay at host hotel and book through the ANM group?

  • No, we have multiple options this year to fit varying budgets and comfortability.

Do the National Queens sign a contract?

  • YES! National Queens do sign a contract that they must follow to receive their scholarship. This includes a set number of appearances, social media postings, appropriate behavior, parent appropriate behavior, along with all other rules set by ANM Pageants.

Can ANM National Queens compete in other pageants?

  • Yes, ANM National Queens can compete in other pageants. Pageants that they cannot compete in are any pageant that if won would make them forfeit their ANM National title or not allow them to make appearances representing ANM. ANM must always be put first when making appearances during the full year as an ANM National Queen.

-Can state queens compete in other pageants?

  • Yes. State Queens can compete in other pageants. State queens are required to attend nationals. If a state queen does not attend the National competition there is a $575 fee that must be paid within 10 days of giving up title. ANM state crown and sash must be returning to the national office so the first runner up can be crowed.

Can contestants wear lashes and makeup?

  • Yes, makeup should be age appropriate. Stage makeup can be heavier than interview makeup.

How long are interviews? Sitting or standing?

  • Interview will be 2 minutes for 4-9, 3miniutes 10-25, Queen in Action interview 3-4 minutes. All contestants will be standing for the panel interview.

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