ANM National Information


National Scoring


Evening Gown - 40%

Interview - 30%

*Fun Fashion 30%

*If optional score is higher than fun fashion score the highest optional score will be used to replace fun fashion score.

* Red Opening Number Dress for ANM 2021*



ANM National Pageant

 June, 2021




Formal Wear - All National and State contestants will compete in an evening gown of her choice. All gowns should be age appropriate. (National and State level Competition)


National Interview - Each National contestant will compete in a 2-3 minute private panel style interview.  Question will come from the contestants bio form filled out.


National Fun Fashion - Each contestant will compete in fun fashion. This category is for the contestant to show her own style. It can be high fashion or more casual. This is completely the contestants choice. Show your style and personality! 



National Optionals-


Talent - 2:00 time limit 


Photogenic - Color or black and White 8x10. Turn in at pageant.


Casual Wear - Choose an outfit you would wear to school or out with a friend.


Portfolio- A collection of 6-12 photos that showcase your ability to be photographed! Turn in at pageant.

Fitness- Swimwear or anything you wear to show you are an active, healthy girl!

(Cheerleader, Softball, Gymnastics are just a few examples) 

Actress- 60 seconds to act out skit or commercial 



National Best Awards

 ANM WILL HAVE BEST AWARDS THIS YEAR!! $125 for all 4 (these can be entered at registration) scored 1-5.

Top winner from best awards will receive cash prize!  Awarded at Saturday night awards dinner!

Best Hair

Best Model  

Best Dress

Best Personality 


National Queen in Action $150.00- One winner.

Please bring portfolio of all hours of community service within the last 24 months. Please have pictures and a description of each event with contact person. QIA Contestants will compete in a separate Interview. The interview will be based off of your QIA portfolio. Scoring for QIA will be


Interview- 40%

Volunteer Portfolio- 50%

Evening Gown - 10%




America’s National Miss Prize Package

For 2018 National Title Winners!

ANM Crown

ANM Rhinestone Banner


Silver Plate Award


ANM  Luggage Set

ANM Crown Case

ANM Spirit Shirt

Official ANM Autograph Cards


Christmas Party

Makeup kit


Photo shoots 

Appearance Wardrobe 

Accommodations for 2020 ANM Five Year Celebration National Pageant

Hair and Makeup provided for 2021 Pageant by Jamie Stacy

Gifts throughout the year

More to come!!

To enter go to ENTER NOW and complete National Registration. You can enter optionals there as well. 



Ad page information

**Each contestant will be responsible for one full page ad sale at the National Competition. Each page is $200. Ashley Johnson with APJ Visions will be our official Program Book contact.  

There is an award for the contestant with the most ads in program!

ANM Nationals will be held in Atlanta, Ga. June, 2021. The deadline for all paperwork and fees is April 1, 2021.


ANM National Pageant

 June, 2021



Pricing for National Pageant-

National Registration $475 - Evening Gown, Interview, Fun Fashion, ANM National T-shirt, Awards Dinner


Optional (Talent, Casual Wear, Photogenic, Portfolio, Actress, Fitness)- $100 each 


BEST AWARDS- $125 for all 4 (these can be entered at registration) 

Best Hair

Best Model  

Best Dress

Best Personality 



Ad page $200 due April 1, 2021 (required by ALL contestants with APJ Visions)

 $100 Mandatory Scholarship Fee (per contestant)

This scholarship will go directly to each Top 5. Amount depends on how many contestants enter national pageant.


Ticket for Awards Dinner before April 1, 2021 - $70

$80 if after April 1, 2021


Arm bands to enter pageant for all guest (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)-  $50 each (4 under fee) or $25 per day


National Program Books - $35 


Please bring two gifts to registration ($10 value) for outgoing age group Queen and new Queen.

If you are competing in Queen in Action, you will also need to bring gifts for out going QIA and new QIA. 

Judges comments will be given after the pageant. ANM will not give back scores.

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